My Sewing room

I am always being asked for pictures of my sewing room here it goes...

My sewing room is upstairs in our house, it has slanted ceilings which means I can't put in as many cupboards as I would like to but I tried to use all the space effectively. The room is approx. 4 meters x 8 meters ( 12' x 24')...a good size. The furniture is a mixture of Ikea goodies and wooden cupboards and desks that I painted white and distressed to give it a vintage look.
I like things organized so I will also give you a peek into my cupboards and some of my favorite things.

This is the space where I work, play, create, sometimes just hang out with friends & have piece of heaven!

.....the view from the door as you enter my main sewing & designing area. the right is my cutting table and my storage space ( my hubby likes to call it the "warehouse")
 In the large cupboard behind the cutting table I store my favorite fabrics. I have them in shoe boxes, this way I can just slide a box out....pick the fabric I want and slide it back in. In the middle area I used bigger shoes boxes.
Behind this cupboard I store my faux leathers. I created a mock wall with the cupboard, leaving a space/walkway behind it for storage. You can't see it from front but this is where my "obsession" is hidden !
In the drawers along the back slanted wall I also store my fabrics but color. Most of these are smaller FQ pieces from my quilting days.
The cupboard to the right, stores my beading supplies, trims, bag hardware and all the other stuff you need. Yes, I love plastic boxes and I do label them all ....I hate searching for things!
Looking from the cutting table towards the left side of the room is the main area... my computer, crafting & sewing area.
The computer is always on, usually Netflix or FB runs in the background while I sew.
Embroidery machine ready and waiting for the next idea that pops into my head.
This the painting / crafting area or sewing space for when the girlfriends come over. I am no artist but I do love papers and paints and love to experiment with Mixed Media when I need a break from sewing.
I just love my new Ikea cart (Raskog) ...perfect for my paint supplies. I can roll it to whichever table I wish to paint on.

Like most of us I have too many machines ( don't tell my hubby I said that).
The ones stored under the tables are a Husqvarna Designer 1 ( in retirement but still a great machine), a Pfaff 360 ( since I love the gray old ladies), a Singer 722 ( it followed me home from the second hand shop one day) & a Bernina Virtuosa 150QE ( because I needed a Bernina in my collection LOL)..I almost forgot the serger & overlock ( but they are in the bedroom so they don't count!)

These are the machines I use the most....
...most of my sewing is done on the Juki TL-98...LOVE this machine!!! 
..I use to do all my machine embroidery on my Husqvarna D1 but since I put her into retirement last year (17 yrs old and still sews)  now the Janome Memory Craft 500E is the new Queen of the house  (she has bigger hoops). 
...good faithful Pfaff Performance 5.0 does everything else. 
Last but not least my adorable Singer Featherweight! I don't know why they call it a featherweight.....I find it is heavy!! 

Now for a few of the hidden secrets.... BIG ironing board hangs behind the door along with the much needed broom & dustpan !
When I do not wish to drag out the big ironing board or when I just have little seams I need to press I use my portable ironing table.
I turned these old drawers into a portable ironing station. ( I still have to paint it white in the summer) I removed the bottom 2 drawers so I could have a spot for my irons and I screwed a small Ikea ironing board right on top. 
I store this under my desk in the corner and roll it out when I need it!
As you notice I love small drawers ... buttons and threads are stored here for easy access.
More sewing supplies ( elastics, pedals to the machines, etc) sewing room would be complete without an Alex drawer ( or 2)  from it for my machine embroidery threads.
I also love to use glass jars, baskets, trays or old vases to store my buttons, threads and lace in. They are easily accessible and look pretty too!

Thats it!
I hope you enjoyed stopping by " My Happy Place" and hopefully I could inspire you with a few ideas for " your Happy Place".  If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

Happy Sewing !!


  1. Was für ein gigantisch inspirierendes Nähreich Du hast, liebe Liz!!!
    Danke für die privaten Einblicke in Deine bezaubernde Nähwelt! sagt herzlich

  2. seriously...this is the most amazing personal craft room ever! Do you ever get it messed up? Have you tidied for your viewers's truly beautiful and when I have done my horrid tax return I shall sew, or knit, or eat or something like that! haha

    1. Thank you ...believe me when I say it does NOT look like this all the time !! I mess it up with great pleasure ! !LOL

  3. Was für ein toller Rundgang durch Dein Reich!
    Du hast es sehr schön.

  4. Thank you for the tour. Your place us simply Wonderful!

  5. Awesome work space!! I love your layout, all your great cabinets and work area...just wow! I could live in there.

    1. Thank you !! Some days I don't want to leave me room either !! Especially during creating time!! LOL

  6. Terry Pipkin MorrisonJanuary 18, 2017 at 8:39 PM

    What a lovely sewing space ! In 1974-76 I lived right down the road from where you are in Viernheim. Your photos bring back memories of our 3rd floor (attic) apartment. You've motivated me to get organized in my small space. Thanks for this post!

  7. Just found your site & sewing room today. If you see a little gray haired lady hidden in a corner, that will be me. Love love your creative space.