FREE Bag Patterns

Since I like bags &  pouch patterns and we all like FREE ...I though I would keep a running list of all the free bag / pouch patterns that I think are cute! They are in no specific order or favoritism ...I just add them as I find them !
Happy downloading...don't forget to actually stop and sew one every once in a while!

Mabel by Swoon Patterns - *click here*
Baker Street by Sew Sweetness - *click here*
Laney Hobo by Swoon Patterns - *click here*
Coco by ChrisWDesigns - *click *here*
Sling Bag by Mrs. H. - *click here*
Ethel by Swoon Patterns - * click here*
Brookfield Bag by Sew Sweetness - *click here
 Schnabelina Bag by Schnabelina - *click here*  ... only in german
Arabesque by Sew Sweetness - *click here*
Laptop Bag by How Joyful - *click here*
Phoebe Bag by artsy-crafty babe - *click here*
Kennedy Bag by Sew Sweetness - *click here*
Lunch Bucket Bag by Sew Serendipity - *click here*
Blossom by AmyButler - *click here*


Dakota Tablet Clutch by Swoon Patterns - * click here *
Wide Open Pouch by Noodlehead - *click here*
Susie by Pattydoo - *click here*  - english  - *click here*  - german

Cosmetic Bag & brush roll by So Sew Easy - *click here*
Vicky by Pattydoo - *click here* ...only in german


  1. Dear Liz,
    that's a beautiful idea, thanks!

  2. Danke Liz, für Deine schöne Linksammlung!

  3. Thanks for a great idea. I knew about some of these but there are some I didn't. knew about.

  4. Danke liebe Liz ... genau was Frau braucht 😊.
    Liebe Grüße , Christa

  5. Just found your blog n finding it very enlightening. I also love bags n pouches n all free patterns. Already eyeing the Lunch bucket bag. Appreciate your kindness in sharing the above.
    Best wishes to you.