Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Youtube channel

I know I have been very neglectful of my blog, I won't make excuses, let's just say a lot has been going on.

Moments Designs is growing…I’m writing patterns all the times…my FaceBook group keeps me busy, not to mention normal "Domestic Goddess“ chores also have to be taken care of.

But I thought I would pop in an let you know that Moments Designs now has a YouTube Channel. Yahoooo !  (click on the button)

The voice you hear in the videos is not mine! 
One of my invaluable team members - Christine Davis has agreed to make small videos for me (her voice is so much more pleasant than mine)  
She will be showing you all the little things some of you may have problems with …How to get the zipper pulls on a continuous zipper, how to install rivets or metal snaps, etc.

If the there is anything you are having trouble with and would like a video for…leave your suggestions in the comments and we'll try out best to fulfill your wishes.

Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel so that you don’t miss any videos as they are posted.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy Birthday !

2 years old today!!!

To celebrate 
ALL patterns will be 20% off for 48 hours! 

You can find all my patterns on Craftsy.


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!!

I wish you a New Year filled with mistakes!
Lots of mistakes…
because if you are making mistakes, 
then you are making new things,
trying new things, 
learning new things, 
pushing yourself, 
discovering yourself! 
So here is to a year filled with wonderful mistakes that we make together!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

I am wishing everyone a healthy, happy, wishes come true type of holiday!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Advent Giveaways ...

Today is the 2nd Advent so on my Facebook group I am giving away 2 of my patterns ( your choice) winner will be picked tomorrow after I've had my coffee!LOL

On the 3rd Advent, I will give away 3 patterns and on the 4th Advent 4 patterns.

Come on over and join in on the fun!!
 Click *here*

Happy Sewing !!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jade...a freebie !!

A lot has been going on for the last few months, and I have to admit my blog has been totally neglected....but I wanted you to know that I have a "Nikolaus Day" gift for everyone ...!
the Jade pattern is free!!
Jade is a medium-sized bag with a recessed zipper closure. The interior sits neatly within the bag - no "saggy lining", it has a zipper pocket, slip pocket and a pleated pocket, what more could a girl want?

You will learn how to sew a two-fabric strap and a professional zipper pocket with no zipper tape showing.
This fast, easy pattern can be made with cotton, denim, decorator fabrics, cork or faux leather. 

Jade is perfect to showcase your designer prints, 
machine embroidery or weaving designs.

 For a Confident Beginner to Intermediate Sewer

Finished Size: 
12“ W x 10 ½“ H x 4 ½“ D

I wanted this pattern to be simple enough for a confident beginner but still fun enough for an experienced sewer so I had a whole new group of beginner testers mixed in with experienced ones. 

I have to admit I learned a lot from the beginners, they were great and willing to learn. They even had some great suggestion.  We all had some fun but no more large testing groups for me!! Otherwise, I will need to buy a lot more Baileys to get through the testing period!!LOL

Jade may be a simple bag but look at all the wonderful things you can do to her !!

(Not to show any favoritism, I am listing them in alphabetical order.)

Andrea Führer did a beautiful basket weave design on the front of her Jade ( the weave designs are also available in my Craftsy shop - *here*
Who wouldn't love this fun sneaker fabric that Angie Kaczikowski McGuire used? 
Bernice Grimble outdid herself with doing weave designs on both sides (instructions for these weave design will be coming out later this week).
Cheryl Fetters Beason machine quilted her faux leather to give her Jade a special look.
There is no stopping Christine Davis of Bags of Bags of Style, she always comes up with something special...she did not let me down this time either !!
Look at her beautiful Jades.
Love the weaving
Claret M. Belle said she learned so many things sewing this bag. Look a the beautiful job she did.

Dawn Ellis used this lovely bright fabric for her Jade.
This was a first for Deborah Bress and I think she did a lovely job!
Helen Louise Lightly went with the classy black faux leather look with a touch of hot pink! 
Love it!
 Janet Cain of Cain Sewing Designs went for a more fun festive Mardi Gras look!
I love how Judy Broadhurst made hers out of denim and added a lovely pieced stripe on the front and back. 

 Isn't this Jade so pretty and dainty It's made out of linen by Kim Lawton Zeigler.
I just love how Liezel van Schalkwyk combined denim, faux leather, and a machine embroidery design! Love the polka dots.
Lyndsey Mclean got creative with doing reversed applique on her bag.
...she couldn’t stop, so she make a second one out it cork ....love the reversed appliqué elephant! 

Maria Varquez always does the prettiest wave quilting on her bags!  I wish could do that!  
Isn't this owl fabric cool?? Great job Pamela Vaughan
 I would have never thought of using a black/white strip for the interior but I have to admit I really like !! Great idea Rashida Juzer of No3 Quilt Studio. 

Shawn Walling Meinung made one side of her bag faux leather and the other side cotton, what a fun idea! She even went out to tea with her Jade !  

I just love this fabric that Tânia Silva of  Tania Fabrics used.  Reminds me of a beautiful Monet painting! Would you believe this is her first bag !! Impressive!!  
Don't you just love this decorator fabric that Theresa Stratton used?  

Last but definitely not least...Trudy Lockhart machine embroidery these adorable cats on faux leather and she recycled a Tommy Hilfiger shirt for the lining!! Cleaver Lady!!  
..She didn't stop there....she was dying to try one of my weaving patterns so what better way than to do it on the front of a Jade! Check out that colorful lining !! Love it!! 

I hope these Jades inspired you to make your own!!
Grab the pattern on Craftsy and be sure to send me a picture when you make one ( or two)!

Happy Sewing!!!


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